Your First Visit

Upon entering our office, our receptionist will welcome you as a member of our family.    We will request that you complete our patient forms.  The confidential patient profile is located in the New Patient Center under online forms and can be filled out prior to  your visit.  This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition.  You can then expect:

    - Complete case history.

    - Review of history with the doctor.

    - Detailed examination of the area of discomfort.

    - Computer Muscular Analysis of the spine.

    - Computerized Thermal Analysis of the spine

    - Digital Foot Scan for Postural Imbalances

    - X-rays (if required)

In order to tell what is wrong, it may be necessary to x-ray the bone structure(s). This is commonly performed because the condition which is causing the problem is too small to be seen or felt from the surface.  This condition is called subluxation.  Previous x-rays or tests from other facilities may be used for diagnosis.

Once the x-ray is taken, measurements of the positions of the bones are conducted. The measurements from the x-ray analysis are then placed into formulas which give the exact direction from which a corrective force must be applied to minimize the discomfort.  The human variable of each patient is taken into consideration, separately, allowing a correction of all the vertebrae involved with a minimal amount  of force.

Depending on the severity of the complaint and the findings of the examination, adjunctive procedures (physical medicine) may be performed even on the first visit as well as specific spinal mobilizations or adjustments.


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