If you are experiencing pain, we want to help! We are dedicated to helping patients regain pain-free lives. Oftentimes, people do not seek help for pain until it worsens. We want to help at the onset of symptoms, so they do not progress.

chiropractic services  Renfrew, PA

Chiropractic Care

We specialize in correcting your body’s misalignments. Our goal is to ensure that your spine and the rest of your body are working harmoniously. To do so, we will help you develop a plan that will require light stretching, rehabilitation, chiropractic care, and a healthy diet.

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Chiropractic Adjustments  Renfrew, PA

Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment can make you feel so much better. Your body does not want to be out of alignment, and that’s exactly what an adjustment can help address. It is also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation. The adjustment refers to the manipulation of the vertebrae that have abnormal movements and are not functioning properly. A chiropractic adjustment will assist in fixing these issues.

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to reduce the subluxation, increase the range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and improve mobility. Our compassionate and qualified chiropractor will work with you to relieve this pain and get you back to being pain free every single day.

A chiropractic adjustment involves high velocity thrusts applied to the vertebra, relieving sensation, discomfort, and spasms in the surrounding muscles. It also releases joint cavitation, which is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Although many people visit their chiropractor and have an adjustment when something feels out of alignment, a regular visit will help you avoid any pain in the future and will keep your body feeling great all day long.

If you are having one of those days when you are not in the best mood, an adjustment may actually help. Your body will feel much better, which will naturally improve your mood.

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Infant Chiropractic Care

Introducing chiropractic care to young ones can be highly beneficial. Give us a call to talk more with any of your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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Nutritional Consultations  Renfrew, PA

Nutritional Consultations

Here at Care Chiropractic Center we want to help you on your journey towards health and wellness. Our goal is to help you achieve total health and balance with your body. In order to achieve that goal, we are here to offer specific recommendations on nutritional supplements, such as Anabolics, and healthy food choices to help you maintain a healthy weight.

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Lifestyle Advice  Renfrew, PA

Lifestyle Advice

Our team here at Care Chiropractic Center is dedicated to helping you achieve your long-term health and wellness goals by offering you reliable lifestyle advice. If you are not sure if the lifestyle choices you are making are worsening or improving your condition, we are here to help. We address the typical chiropractic issues as well as coach our patients to live a healthier life by looking at the individual as a whole mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Custom Orthotics  Renfrew, PA

Footlevelers Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look similar to insoles, but are biomedical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. The plastic body of the custom orthotic helps to re-align the foot while you walk. We understand that everyone is different, which is why custom foot orthotics are made just for you.

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Spinal Screenings  Renfrew, PA

Spinal Screenings

Sometimes all that stands between your daily pain and a happier, healthier you, is a chiropractic adjustment. Your body naturally wants to be in alignment, and our daily activities can throw what is naturally aligned out of balance. Also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjustment refers to the manipulation of the vertebrae that have abnormal movements and are not functioning properly. Here at Care Chiropractic Center, we can help you achieve balance and proper alignment, giving you relief and improving your health.

Our goal in treating your joint and spinal issues is to reduce subluxation, increase range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and improve mobility. Our highly skilled chiropractor will work with you to relieve your pain and get you back to living a pain free and healthy lifestyle.

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Impact Concussion Testing  Renfrew, PA

Impact Concussion Testing

Baseline and Post Trauma concussion testing offered. Baseline testing is used in sports to test athletes pre-season to have a baseline to go back to if an injury occurs. Post trauma testing is used after MVA to see what affects the accident had on the individual.

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Rehabilitation  Renfrew, PA


Working to restore a patient to normal health as they were before an accident or incident. Using passive and active care at Care Chiropractic Center, Dr. Surkosky strives to get the optimum outcomes.

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Vertigo  Renfrew, PA


At Care Chiropractic Center we have been quite successful treating patients suffering from vertigo. Our approach includes gentle chiropractic adjustments specific to the upper back and neck regions. Additional therapeutic modalities are performed in office along with exercise procedures which can be converted to home use. If you suffer from symptoms including spinning, swaying sensations, or dizziness contact us today to make an appointment!

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Renfrew, PA

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Treating carpal tunnel syndrome begins with determining where the cause of the condition originates. Specific examinations of the hands, wrists, arms, and neck region are performed to identify the nerve interference which can be contributed to at multiple locations along the path of the nerve. Once identified, treatment is much more effective by addressing all contributing misalignments to render and foster long lasting relief.

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